Blown to bits: Company based Live Long learning

Artist: Christine Cornish
Artist: Christine Cornish
In this post I mentioned my knowledge paradox.
“As companies become more and more dependent on the knowledge of employees, those employees collect and connect to knowledge developments more and more in their private time”.

The post included is about the shift in learning. And to me , it acknowledges the fact that indeed a shift in ownership is taking place. From the managed operations within the organization to the individual..


31 March 2009

Live Long

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The controversy surrounding the formal/informal roles has suddenly created a flurry of excitement around a post on eLearn Mag.  However, I’ve addressed it over at the TogetherLearn site, as it seemed somewhat appropriate to respond from the perspective of a champion of social and informal learning.

In short, I point to the issues covered in the Broken ID series, and say that formal instruction isn’t the greatest thing to champion in it’s current form.  It may persist, but hopefully in a far better state than most formal we see today.  No one’s championing the demise of formal, but certainly improvement, and in conjunction with informal, not as a single solution.


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Artist: Christine Cornish
Artist: Christine Cornish
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