Launching something new: do not use the obsolete world of advertising

Artist: Boris Mikhailov
Artist: Boris Mikhailov

Now, tell me do you remember a Chateau Petrus advertising campaign?

Probably not. Ok, try this one: an Ipod advertising campaign. No? Ok, maybe hi-tech isn’t a good example.

Let’s try other markets. Starbucks advertising campaigns, anyone? No? A Red Bull campaign? A Moet & Chandon campaign? Oh, dear. Nothing. Nothing comes to mind.

And the reason is simple. There hasn’t been any (at least as far as I know) . Or, in some cases, there has been some advertising support, but well after the launch and establishment of those brands.

How come that the No.2 brand in the world (Microsoft), the No.1 electronic device in the world (Ipod), the No.1 coffee shop chain in the world (Starbucks, it invented the category), the No.1 energy drink in the world (Red Bull, it invented the category) and the No.1 fashion chain for growth rate in the world (Zara) didn’t use advertising for their brands?

Because today advertising isn’t that effective in launching a brand.

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Artist: Boris Mikhailov
Artist: Boris Mikhailov

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