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  • – New York City Photographer

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  • Young & Rubicam’s 4Cs

    A warm welcome to the 4Cs global website.

    Y&R’s Cross Cultural Consumer Characterisation (4Cs for short) is a consumer segmentation that ‘characterises’ people into recognisable stereotypes that reflect the operation of each of a set of well-known human motivations: comprising SECURITY, CONTROL, STATUS, INDIVIDUALITY, FREEDOM, SURVIVAL and ESCAPE.

    If you are new to the 4Cs and would like to read more, please download our introductory booklet that gives you some background and explains a little more about the characterisations we use.

    You can also take one of our online questionnaires if you would like to find out which 4Cs values have the stongest influence on the way you live your life. You do not need to be registered with the site in order to access the questionnaires.

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