Did you keep up to your resolutions. This post might help!

Post written by Leo Babauta. Follow him on Twitter.

New Year’s is always a big time for resolutions, goal setting and habit changes … but why only do it on New Year’s? David Seah (one of my early inspirations and an excellent blogger) has done Groundhog Day Resolutions for a few years now, and I think it’s a wonderful idea.

My suggestion: choose one habit to change for February, just as many people did in The Power of Less New Year’s Challenge.

Join the Challenge: it’s free, and you use the accountability of the Challenge forum to create one new habit in 30 days, just 10 minutes a day.

It’s not just for New Year’s anymore. 🙂 You can join the Challenge anytime you like, and start your 30 day challenge whenever you want. In fact, you can do a new challenge every month, starting on any day that works for you.

What’s your new habit for February?


Artist Daniel Traub www.danieltraub.net
Artist Daniel Traub www.danieltraub.net