Book Launch 13/1/2009 The Ownership quotient

The Ownership Quotient
Hundreds of large organizations around the world have used the groundbreaking Service Profit Chain to improve business performance.

Now the publication “The Ownership Quotient” reveals the next generation of the chain: customer and employee “owners” of your business.

Employee-owners exhibit such enthusiasm for their organization that they infect countless customers with similar satisfaction, loyalty, and dedication.

Customer-owners are in turn so satisfied with their experience that they relate their stories to others, persuade them to try your product, and provide constructive criticism and new product ideas.

Case studies from companies as diverse as Harrah’s Entertainment, ING Direct, Build-a-Bear Workshop®, and Wegmans Food Markets, bring home the central principle of engagement-and showcase ways to raise the ownership quotient among both your employees and your customers.

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January 13, 2009
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