Tech Recruitment within these depressing times

Marketing and social networking companies are hiring developers and community managers.

One of the things RWW ise most excited about here at Jobwire, in addition to the individual stories about peoples’ exciting new jobs, is the aggregate data that’s becoming available as we report on more and more new hires. Below we’ve published two pie charts illustrating hiring trends over the past 6 weeks, split up by job title and company sector. Some of the numbers are not what we expected.

Of course these hires are just the ones we’ve been able to dig up or that we’ve been told about – but we think they offer an interesting snapshot of which parts of the tech and new media industries have momentum and where that momentum is pointed. Below the charts we offer a few thoughts about what we find particularly thought provoking about these numbers.

JobwireChardDec142008.jpgOur takeaways:
* Marketing firms are doing lots of hiring. That makes us think that as economic pressure builds, companies are budgeting more for outsourced marketing services to push harder for what customers they can find.
* Social networking companies are making a lot of hires. Growth in the sector has been strong in terms of traffic, but most analysts suspect the sector is having a hard time monetizing. Maybe these companies know something about their business that the rest of us don’t.
* Recommendation technologies are on the chart for hires as well. Recommendation is a long term play that some say will be just as big as search. Customers are putting money into these kinds of services right now and thus the recommendation companies are hiring.

jobwiregraphbytitledec142008.jpg* Community manager/new media specialist is bigger than lots of other titles, almost as big as sales and marketing. We’ve been saying that community manager jobs are hot and here’s numbers over 6 weeks to prove it.
* Despite the economic slowdown, there are lots of developers getting hired. Twice as many, in fact, as sales and marketing people. That is, unless you include community manager and new media specialists as marketing and sales.
* Are community managers and new media specialists the hot new sales and marketing pros? We’ve argued that these positions involve far more than sales, but these hiring numbers make us wonder.

Those are our takeaways from those numbers – what thoughts do they bring to your mind?

One thought on “Tech Recruitment within these depressing times

  1. Really interesting stuff, thanks for publishing this info. I think marketing communications people will breathe a huge sigh of relief… usually it’s the soft areas (marketing, comms, HR etc.) that bear the brunt of slowdowns. Having said that, many marketing people just don’t have the skills to work in this area, and need to skill up. But all in all, this is good news!

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