Best Buy CEO & Netgen

Earlier this year, someone sat with Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson in a typical meeting with a roomful of managers.

He did something that fellow CEOs might find unusual.

He let a 23-year-old employee, Adam Mulder, speak passionately and at some length about changes he thought would improve sales of media products for the consumer electronics retailer. Throughout Mulder’s speech, Anderson took notes and asked thoughtful questions.

It was a small but telling example of how you have to manage young employees these days.

Forget the old system of top-down supervising.

If you want to hire and keep young people, you have to collaborate with them. What’s more, it’s worth it, because these kids have the quick, collaborative reflexes to help companies stay in business, as Best Buy has done.

“The Net Geners we hire have enormous knowledge, unprecedented information, and facility with tools that in some areas is superior to their seniors,” Anderson explains. “They’ve got a difference that produces unique insights. The future of this enterprise is dependent much more on him than on me.”

Source: CRM Daily

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