Favourite 2008 books

1. Jessica Dimmock Ninth Floor

Upperclass girl goes downtown. You will open this body of work only once.

I had the idea of having our staff social event in FOAM visiting her exhibition.

After seeing her work, my fiance advised me not do so. Again: she is a wise woman.

2. Zoe Strauss America  

50 Years after Robert Frank.
That seems to be the only connection.
Everything else has become completely different.

I talked to one of the guys of Razorlight, of the song “America” early 2008.  Strange association, anyway.

3. Sophie Calle Take care of your self.

Dumped by her boyfriend by email, she created this immense body of work.

Sophie is again the intriguant.

Who is who and who is creating?

Or who is cheating?


4. Stefan Sagmeister. Things I have learned so far

Great inspirational website too

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